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Southern Masters Cycling Club

We are a Masters cycling racing club which provides road and criterium races for all abilities for the Masters category. Men 30 years and women 30 years and over are eligible to join our club. Females 15 years and above are eligible to race at any of our events. The club is affiliated with Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia. Racing cyclists of Masters age from other CV & CA affiliated clubs are eligible to race at any of our events.

You can join our club or renew your licence online by clicking on the Cycling Australia icon at the top of the page. You can follow our club via the Facebook link at the top of the page. Race entry requires registration on this NEW site. Please register using the "Sign up" link above or go to http://smcc.net.au/public/index.php/register

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SMCC Club Racing Postponed, Effective Immediately

Regrettably, the continuing escalation of the COVID-19 Virus has reached a point where the club feels that it is no longer appropriate to run SMCC races. Effective immediately, all SMCC racing will cease. The club will be monitoring the situation and will recommence racing as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.

We’d just like to thank all those who had volunteered to perform duty at upcoming races. This will obviously not be required until racing is resumed.

For anybody who has entered the Victorian Masters Road Series, the Series will restart as and when Road Racing is possible again. If anybody wishes to obtain a refund on the unused portion of their Series entry, please respond to this email and we will arrange that.

Thanks again,
The SMCC Committee

The '2020 Victorian Masters Road Series' is here! 

First race 15th March - Drouin South

SMCC is promoting a brand new series for Masters racers comprising 6 graded scratch races on selected Sundays mornings from March through to October, to be held on a variety of courses across the South-East region of Melbourne. 

The Series is open to SMCC and non-SMCC members, Males 30+ and Females 15+. To be eligible for an end of year placing, you must start at least one race and perform one or more volunteer duties.

There is no separate fee to enter the Series, in fact we are offering a Series Entry at $60 for all 6 races, a saving of $30, just pay your $60 (cash only) at Race 1 or 2. We also hope to have an online sign up and payment option available shortly. 

If you don't want to commit to the whole series, just turn up for whichever races suit you, pay your normal $15 individual race entry and you'll automatically be part of the series and start accumulating points - simply turn up and race!

Series Calendar:

  Sun,15th Mar       Drouin South

  Sun, 17th May     Crib Point

  Sun, 14th Jun      Nar Nar Goon

  Sun, 19th Jul       Somers (TBC)

  Sun, 16th Aug     TBC

  Sun, 18th Oct      Drouin South

(Click on the course name above for a map and profile of that course.)

Points Calculation:
Competitors will accumulate points at each Series race throughout the year in an attempt to become the 2020 Series winner in their Grade, with awards presented to each Grade winner at the last race of the series.  
     Race Points:

Start Points: 3 per start,

Race Position Points:        

     Contribution (Duty) points:

Performing a duty that prevents racing that day:  4 points

Performing a duty that enables racing that day:   1 point

Note that if you move grades during the Series you will retain any start and duty points accumulated to that point but will forfeit any place points (1st-5th).

Series placings will be updated after each race and posted on our Facebook and Team App pages. 

The first race is not far away, 15th March at Drouin South - an opportunity for the puncheurs and rouleurs to steal a march on the sprinters - so come along and sign up for the series by paying your $60 (cash) at either Race 1 or Race 2, save some money and get an early lead!

Thanks for your support,
The SMCC Committee.   


In the event of cancellation of a series race due to weather etc, the organisers may designate one of the non-series road races (19-Apr, 13-Sep or 15-Nov) to become part of the series. 

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, less than four events are run as part of the series, series entrants will receive one race entry credit for each event less than four, redeemable as entry fee to another SMCC race.



Cycling NSW have shared their presentation on AusCycling





Extreme Weather Policy and Guidelines

Heat stress is a serious health risk.

High intensity exercise in a hot environment, with the associated fluid loss and elevation of body temperature, can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke (which can be fatal).

Children are at greater risk than adults are because their thermoregulation mechanisms are not fully developed.

Older members can also be at high risk because of reduced cardiac function.

Competition organisers have a Duty of Care to monitor environmental conditions and to take action to minimise the risk of heat stress to participants.

1. Scope of these Requirements

These recommendations shall apply to all competitions conducted under and sanctioned by Cycling Victoria.

2. Hot Weather Requirements

The following minimum requirements will determine activation of the Extreme Heat Recommendations.

Temperatures are to be deemed at the race venue by the side of the course NOT in direct sunlight.

The Chief Commissaire is required to conduct assessments every 30 minutes throughout the day when temperatures are above 30 degrees Celsius.

Recommended Guidelines & Actions for competition

Temperatures 30 degrees Celsius or less

  • For competitions where the forecast minimum temperature is 30 degrees or below, participants should exercise caution, particularly in endurance events or those that require the participants to remain in direct sunlight for an extended period of time;
  • Participants should drink often to remain hydrated;
  • No competition modifications, for track cycling, are recommended however distance events should be held in the coolest part of the day.

Temperatures between 31 and 37 Celsius degrees (inclusive)

  • Participants should exercise caution particularly in road races and track endurance events;
  • Events should be scheduled for the coolest part of the day;
  • Athletes should carefully consider the number of events they compete in over the course of the competition;
  • The promoter will provide access to water for riders (for purchase), officials and volunteers (free of charge);
  • Modification to the program may be considered by the Chief Commissaire
  • Shelter must be provided for officials who are not shaded.

Temperatures between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius (inclusive)

  • Participants should exercise extreme caution;
  • Competition schedule and program may be modified with respect to time of day and the duration of the event.
  • Endurance events may be cancelled or postponed until later in the day or after sunset.
  • All Officials to take a 10 minute break each hour.
  • Promoter to provide access to water for participants, officials and volunteers.
  • Shelter must be provided for officials who are not shaded.

Temperature 41 degrees and above

  • All competition will be postponed until the temperature is below 41 degrees Celsius.

Discretionary Cancellation

  • Cycling Victoria reserves the right to cancel any competition at its absolute discretion if it is deemed that the prevailing or predicted environmental conditions, such as (but not limited to) extreme heat / humidity present a serious health risk to athletes or officials.

3. Requirements of Chief Commissaire

  • The Chief Commissaire must have on site, the appropriate instrument to measure Absolute Temperature;
  • Once the Heat Guidelines are applied the Chief Commissaire must review the situation every 30 minutes when the temperature is over 31 degrees;
  • Cold drinking water must be made available;
  • Ice should be made available for heat stress emergencies;
  • The Chief Commissaire must have access to a person with a current Senior First Aid Certificate;
  • Ready access to medical assistance;
  • Information about the nearest medical assistance should be on display in a prominent location.

4. Important Information

  • Under the UCI Regulations the Chief Commissaire has the power to suspend racing or postpone any race on account of the weather conditions. The CC may invoke the Hot Weather Guidelines if he/she believes there is real danger to the competitors’ health.
  • The measurement values used in the Hot Weather Guidelines to determine the level of risk are for an average person involved in continuous strenuous activity in high temperatures. Individual persons will be affected differently by the environmental conditions depending on their:
    • Fitness level
    • Athletic ability
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Any predisposed medical conditions
    • Level of acclimatisation

5. Instruments for measuring Absolute Temperature

  • Temperature should be taken using an electronic thermometer.