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Southern Masters Cycling Club

We are a Masters cycling racing club which provides road and criterium races for all abilities for the Masters category. Men 30 years and women 15 years and over are eligible to join our club. The club is affiliated with Auscyling. Racing cyclists of Masters age from all Auscycling affiliated clubs are eligible to race at any of our events, as are Females 15 years and above.

You can join our club or renew your licence online by clicking on the Cycling Victoria icon at the top of the page. You can follow our club via the Facebook link at the top of the page. Race entry requires registration on this NEW site. Please register using the "Sign up" link above or go to http://smcc.net.au/public/index.php/register

Upcoming Races / Events

Course Event Type Date/Start Time Map Link
Sandown Criterium - Graded Jan-27: 6:05 PM
Casey Fields Criterium - Graded Jan-30: 9:00 AM
Cora Lynn (Course #14) Road - Graded Mar-20: 9:00 AM
Drouin South (Course 18) Road - Graded Apr-10: 9:00 AM
Crib Point (Course 9) Road - Graded May-15: 9:00 AM
Modella Longwarry Garfield (Short Course 26) Road - Graded Jun-19: 9:00 AM

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